Make it easy

We exercise due diligence to make it easy for you

Make it easy

We exercise due diligence to make it easy for you

Robotics Solutions

ARO ROBOTICS exclusive expertise across multiple industries is dedicated to implementing robotics operations in the harshest of environments. 

We are focused on creating value, improving safety, and minimizing risk for our clients.
From the depth of the seas to the skies above, there is no limit regarding where we can reach.

We apply our know-how to monitor emerging technologies and precisely match the best field-proven equipment and up-to-date approaches to create an advantage for any organization looking for new ways to find a competitive edge.


We acquire and analyze geospatial/spectral information in a fraction of the time, labor, and cost of conventional procedures.


We provide access into your most complex and challenging environments to detect problems quickly, without interrupting service.


We offer a safe, convenient, and efficient way to take control of your underwater assets, without risking human lives.


ARO ROBOTICS joins forces with Gudnus offering
all required to audit solar projects in a

Thermographic Analysis

• Certified Thermographers
• Aerial & Ground thermography
• Combiner Boxes, Inverters, Substations,
and evacuation lines analysis.
• Cloud-based proprietary software analysis.
• Utility-Scale PV Solar Plans and Roof Tops.
• Wind farm.

I-V Curves & Isolation Studies

• NABCEP Certified PV System Inspectors.
• Validation and Correction of SCADA information.
• Precise documentation for module manufacturer claims.

Electroluminescence (EL) Image Testing

Anticipate problems before they arise:
• Microcracks.
• Soldering defects.
• PID defects.
• Black-sheets Scratches.
• Wafer defects.
• Diode failure.
• Dead Cell.

We meet any challenge at any face of your project.

Commissioning & Decommisioning

We deploy our enterprise-grade solutions to identify geological features and man-made hazards, which may have an impact on the project design and the ecosystem.
• Aerial and subsea geospatial and Oceanographic surveys.
• Pre &Post-construction 3D Mapping and 3D Model Creation
• Estimating & ROI Calculations.


Our Remote Operated Tools (ROT) are used on board of all our platforms to clean, measure and assemble large infrastructures.
• Remote Monitoring in Confined Spaces and Hazardous Environments.
• Offshore Subsea assistance utilizing WROV’s.
• Water Jetting and Cleaning Tools.
• Cutters and Grinders.
• Intervention Skids for subsea applications.

Inspection, Maintenance & Repair (IMR):

All our robotics platforms accept a wide array of peripherals (sensors and Remotely Operated Tools) to support quality control, routine inspections, and ongoing maintenance requirements.
• Ship Hull Inspections, cleaning, and CP Readings.
• Aerial and Surface-dwelling Ultrasonic Thickness measurement (UT)
• Manhole, Pipelines and Lateral Inspections and repair (NASSCO Certified).
• Photogrammetric 3D Modelling.
• Riser/Wire-Rope and Chain Cleaning and Inspection System (RCIS).







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We work where the benefits of our robotics platforms are needed.

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Solar, Wind, Hydro, Tidal, Nuclear,
Oil & Gas.

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Water, Sewage Services, Electricity, Dams, and Natural Gas.

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Metals & Mining, Quarrying, Forestry, and civil Infrastructure.


Consultancy and Solutions for Subsea Cable IMR.

Proud to work with leading engineering companies worldwide.

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From assisting in the installation of subsea structures with ROV’s, to NDT Inspection of pipes, storage tanks or wind turbines with crawlers, or doing a Thermographic Analysis with drones on your flare boom or Solar Panels,
we can do it all.
We exercise due diligence to make it easy for you.

ARO ROBOTICS & GUDNUS join forces.


GUDNUS is a world leader engineering company specialized in the Renewable Energy Sector.